But You're Blind

by Roland Digh

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A Time of Asking I’ll travel many lands before I’m over I will go o’er many seas I’ll not yet close my roving days of ramble ‘Til I see what I must see But before I go my way to forgotten lands And leave behind me fragments of a broken sand I’ve got to find out if you really understand I may be wrong anyhow Now it’s not a fleeting memory I’m holding It is one that I’ll not lose But before I go and leave this town behind me Let me know why I’m refused Is there someone that you think is more in need than I Someone else that you might rather lie beside Is he the only one for whom you heart will cry Or am I wrong about it all Now I know that over yonder hill is waiting I must see the other side My duffle packed with memories I’m saving Should I stay, I can’t decide But if you would speak to me a kindly word or two Perhaps I’d settle down and try to start anew But maybe then again my rambiln’ days are never through ‘Cause after all I could be wrong For this feeling that I hold may not be always I may only care for now But I know I’d like to feel your warmth beside me Next to mine, through any hour I’ve been waiting ‘round to hear the words I wish to know But if you will not say them then I’ll have to go It’s up to you to tell me if the answer’s yes or no Am I right or am I wrong
After All The Hours After all the hours in the moonlight Crowded shadows fade to the morn That’s when I’m thinkin’ about my baby When she’s gone and left me alone Thinkin’ about the beauty of her body Layin’ there so warm at my side There just for me and my longin’; There for the thirst in my mind Seems like I just can’t see this Thing that’s come over me It’s nothin’ I can make sense of Confused about my circumstances When she’s gone I’ve been betrayed I shouldn’t have to feel this way I hope she won’t be late again tonight I feel her tremble when I love her She sighs with passion in my ear Then I return to where I came from Thanking someone for her so dear She comes to me in the moonlight Stays ‘till the shadows fade to morn ‘Till night I’m thinkin’ about my baby When she returns for evermore
Bimini Jim Met him in a cantina when the moon was half full And the surf jumpin’ high from the sea He was tellin’ some gringos the right lures to use Where all the best fishin’ might be He had a grin like a Cheshire, a glint in his eye Spinnin’ stories ‘bout where he’d once been Got a tan like an outdated Coppertone ad And we all called him Bimini Jim Bimini Jim, where have you been Has Roger kept you waitin’ around You’ve been into the rum you old son of a gun Ain’t there nothin’ left to do in this town Now Jimmy was born quite a long time ago In Cat Cay off South Bimini Isle He was raised chasin’ marlin for the tourists He’d string up their lines with his incredible style He’d tie a twist ‘round his toe like his grandma had done Wrap it over, ’round and under and in Slip it inside and out and pull it tight as a drum “Now that’s the Bimini Twist” would say Jim Jimmy left the Bahamas, it’s been twelve years or more Now he’s known from Limon to Tambor And he cracked up his boat, since then he’s been broke He just can’t chase those marlin no more But you give him some time and a bottle of wine A cerbeza or a jigger of gin You’ll soon see that now famous Bimini Twist From that infamous Bimini Jim Now I suppose you’ve been wondering who this Roger guy is Who always keeps Jim waitin’ ‘round He’s just got an old truck and sometimes he used to Bring old Jim down to town Then we’d all grab a bottle, a hoot and a holler Swap stories ‘bout where we’d all been Now all I got left is this Coppertone ad And this song about Bimini Jim
But You’re Blind Sometimes I hurt you, I’ve caused you to cry You rescued my secrets, and captured my lies When I am wrong you are there at my side And I wonder and worry that one day will come When you’ll see, but you’re blind You hollow my sorrows each moment you laugh Those shadows and silhouettes still haunting my past You are my reason, my courage, my friend And I wonder and worry that one day will come When you’ll see, but you’re blind You know me, and show me, what true love means Your beauty, I am but a pebble in your stream Love finds you, then blinds you, just don’t seem fair Why won’t it open your eyes They say love’s a blessing, forever divine I’ve revealed my weaknesses; you cast them aside You’d give your life for me; I’d give you mine And I wonder and worry that one day will come When you’ll see, but you’re blind For time everlasting, you’ve conquered my soul You’ve witnessed my failures; I’ve never seen yours I write the songs, you’re my rhythm, my rhyme And I wonder and worry that one day will come When you’ll see, but you’re blind
The Mingling Crowd How high can you fly with no wings on your body No feathers to don golden skin And where could you go with no sense of direction No meaning and no place to go You may arrive, But don’t feel that someone is waiting Just ask anyone if they’ll take you along Then go follow the mingling crowd Try disappearing behind someone’s shadow In the mist of a fortune of night And hide from the wisdom of the courage of cowards Who wait for tomorrow to strike Alone just with time That leaves you to kindle an ember And then as you’re warming a teardrop of longing Remember the mingling crowd Why must they doubt, someone who needs them Someone who tried to forsee, Won’t someone answer me The tension is breaking, relieving the aching And the knowledge of nothing is sin Let go of your mind and just drift as the wind blows Then float through the air as a dream You may be high But the ground may also be reaching In falling beware of a rustling below It might be the mingling crowd
Be Free in Believing On the eve of the twenty fifth day of December a young Jewish baby was born And they looked for the manger, the one where He laid and they looked for the clothing He’d worn They looked for the stables where donkeys were tied and the inn where His life had begun And they’ve searched high and low for His mammy and daddy for Mary and Joseph her man They flock to the setting where Bethlehem lays each year through the sun and the rain And the look once again for the baby and pray He’ll be born as a King once again Still the baby’s been gone for these years which are many though His memory still lingers on But it’s good for the mind to be free in believing each winter when Christmas time comes
A Simple Kind of Man I am just a simple man just tryin’ to get by I’m really not that complicated, I’m an ordinary guy But this old world has passed me over they don’t know who I am I’m just an ordinary, simple kind of man Been twenty years since I wore shoes, the city’s not for me I know to only trust my wife and that lunch is never free I try to bring a smile to someone every chance I can That’s been the plan for just a simple kind of man And I still play acoustic; my hair is much too long I still drive a real old car ‘cause it’s never let me down I almost got me famous once but that’s not who I am I’m just an ordinary, simple kind of man I’ve been all around the world but always end up home My family, who are all my friends are scattered ‘round the globe And Jesus gave me freedom, he also gave me Fran I understand, I’m just a simple kind of man Yes I am just a simple man, just tryin’ to get by I’m really not that complicated, I’m an ordinary guy Still God and me got some work to do to find out where we stand I’m in his hands, I’m just a simple kind of man Jesus gave me freedom, he also gave me Fran I understand, I’m just a simple kind of man
Doghouse Blues Life has started gettin’ me down, Feel those bad times comin’ around Got to work a little late today Boss said “Son, I gotta dock your pay” Go back home tell the wife “I’m tired And I hit the foreman, I got fired” Now I’ll be in the doghouse ‘Till a week of Tuesdays gone Wake up dog, move over Lord knows that I’m blue My life sure got crowded Since I moved in here with you Out all night, guess I didn’t call home Got so drunk I couldn’t work the phone Seems I stole my best friend’s car And drove it half way though my mother-in-law’s yard She got mad there was hell to pay She beat me up, I had to crawl away Now I’ll be in the doghouse ‘Till a week of Tuesdays gone Went to the bar with some good old boys Watchin’ those dollies shake their toys I asked the name of this cute little number Said, “Hi, I’m Bruce”, kinda makes you wonder Doctor say can I be saved And if I’m not blue, will I be gay? Will I be in the doghouse ‘Till a week of Tuesdays gone?
Lady, Lovely Lady Lady, lovely lady, the memories you gave me The sadness that we shared, the laughter that we dared Seems so long ago Lady, lovely lady, you think that one day maybe You might hear my song, and you might sing along In your special harmony And with each morning dawn When I arise, I need you near me For in my dreams I’ve seen you clearly Your sadness and your smile, I’d love to see you Lady, lovely lady, imagining you waiting I’ll drink your tears of joy and hold you close once more My lovely lady you, lovely lady
Only a Shadow A seemingly tired but gamely shadow crossed my slumbered path today In the waning form of someone that I knew And in soft but fragrant mellow tones that barely whispered to my ear The shadow seemed to me, to be like you When it asked me of my goal in life and what I planned to be Or if I first must find out who I am My mind was stung by memories, for you had said the same And even you had tried to understand And as we softly dangled in a conversation long The passersby would stop, and on me frown To them it seemed unlikely that a young man on his own Would talk before a shadow on the ground Now although it sounds absurd for me to feel that you might be Some uncasted murky shade of early night At some time in our troubles disregarding where we are Our minds will tend to drift beyond our sight And if ever on your travels be it one day soon to fall A hastened shadow seems to call upon your way Please don’t try to shun his presence, bend an ear and listen long For the shadow may have something else to say
The Field Where I Wander As the warm dewdrops hoverin’ O’er the glen where the meadows lay And the soft sound calls And the whispered moments fade away And the field where I wander With my mind so bent with shame For the sorrow caused From the night before I held the blame Why did I linger at your side Why did I not leave you to hide For the leaves from the maple falling As the tears that had run that night For the stars had twinkled And the moon was bashful with delight I held the longing While you held the fire And the evening waned As the moon would tear me from your side Now as I wander Now as I go I hope you will remember I love you
Tongue Tied Great day, which way, let’s pray, on the railway Say when, once again, with a big grin, and let the dog in My town, big bloodhound, but don’t frown, or ever be drowned When I think of you I get so tongue-tied Can’t find the words I need to tell you things like Nice smile, you got great style, an old phone dial, in a junk pile Late night, it was out of sight, lost a bar fight, she had a great right Tooth floss, such a low cost, try the hot sauce, why don’t you get lost You’re fine, hit the rewind, and I don’t mind, shorter hemlines Night dreams, day dreams, have a wet dream, and tons of ice cream Can’t bend, can I get an amen, got some loose ends, like an old man Don’t fear, they won’t hear, have a cold beer, life is too queer Deep sin, violin, you’re all in, with a big grin I made bail; it’s a sad tale, got an email, said I can’t fail Makes sense, in the past tense, I’m like a wood fence, it’s just a pretence Large feet, I can’t eat, it’s a dark street, push the delete Fried rice, or was it head lice, can’t always be nice, and never think twice Long life, got a great wife, havin’ no strife, wash the bread knife Small talk, got a pet rock, and the shock jock, is really Goldilocks Road rage, saw the Bird Cage, turned a new page, found a lost wage True blue, like a church pew, time to renew, and have a pee you Big dogs, ground hogs, I’m in a dense fog, smell the burnt logs A bright sky, hold your head high, remember don’t cry, when you’re tongue tied


The fifth in a set of five albums of original music


released January 1, 2014



all rights reserved



Roland Digh British Columbia

A British writer now living on Vancouver Island. Loves writing songs in different genres and hearing them through other artists. After playing on six continents in some fifty-eight countries he is settling down to write another album.

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