Dance If You Can

by Roland Digh

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Apple Blossom Highway Young men and wise men have stumbled To girls of a fancy summer smile As forests of flowers will dance through the hours Of gypsy bells calling the fortunes of doom It’s time to Stand up, John my brother Reach out somewhere, grab another Dance down the apple blossom highway Why don’t you Stand up, John my brother Reach our somewhere, grab another Dance down the apple blossom way Young men and wise men are weary And tired of apologizing bows Too few ears are listening Too many bodies glistening In sheltered bikinis and all too sheltered minds It’s time to Young men and wise men are smilin’ On times they’ve forgotten that were dim From candy floss visions Of midnight decisions In giggles of happy young puppy dog tales It’s time to
Sometimes Sometimes it’s the morning Sometimes, it’s a little past noon Sometimes it’s the evening Sometimes I still don’t think of you Way back as kids when we were three or four One day in that old house you don’t live in any more We were playin’ doctor, your dad caught us, fancy that Chased me all the way home, swingin’ his baseball bat School days were the cruel days we were growin’ up too fast We’d go down to the drive-in, and park way in the back Talk about our virtues and the things that folks might say Didn’t seem to matter much, we’d still go all the way Finally we got married and had four kids in a row Diapers to pajamas, kindergarten on through school Figured you were happy, you didn’t have too much to say But one day you walked out on me, I guess we lost our way Saw you last Tuesday, you were shoppin’ down at Sears Lookin’ through the lingerie to buy a new brassiere You still look like a B cup but I guess I didn’t mind You were ready pretty steady, and I hope you’re doin’ fine
The Ballad of Nancy Rose Her maiden call was Nancy Rose Her father’s name was Jacob Two sisters young, two brothers bold Her mother close to dyin’ Now Jacob tilled and broke the land Her sisters they were a’courtin’ Her brothers bold had left for war Her mother close to dyin’ She heard from far a horrid cry Her brother John had fallen In battle plains so few return She prayed for brother Gordon A fortnight fled to see new days Her sister Jane was weddin’ She smiled on Jane then turned and wept Her mother close to dyin’ As moons had drifted slowly by Old Jacob took a fever And in the noon his life did ebb Still clutching to his tiller Now Nancy Rose was left alone She lingered by her mother Then came the news of Gordon Rose Like brother John he’d fallen Within her tears she did recall Her family numbered seven And still no word from sister Mae Her mother close to dyin’ For three long years she toiled the land Once toiled by her father She washed the dress, prepared for two Just Nancy and her mother Her memories they lingered on When she had been a maiden But through the times her beauty fled Beside her dyin’ mother Her maiden call was Nancy Rose Her fathers name was Jacob Two sisters young, two brothers bold She died before her mother
Dance If You Can You want to talk like a lady and walk like a lady can And you want to act like a lady but no one will understand Dance if you can, dance if you can, dance if you can I dressed you in satins and linens, we strolled by a lovers’ stream Rode through the park in a buggy and dined on a French cuisine We waltzed until three, just you and me, like off in a dream You looked like the new light of morning, the lace, the coffee, the smiles You showered some dusty like petals & danced through my mind all the while We dipped and we twirled, a pause and swirl, our very own style I chased you ‘round old Piccadilly and caught you in Monterrey One eve down in Holland I lost you, saw you dancin’ in Marseilles As you leapt through the air, not even a care, you saw me and waved One night many years from tomorrow, we’ll meet once again by a shore With the stars as the lights to our ballroom my arms will entwine you once more The old one, two, three, as we glide to the sea like never before Dance if you can, to the tune of the band, dance if you can In three quarter time, when the last dance was mine, But you don’t understand
Star of Death A tired and weary traveler came to the old inn door He rapped upon it softly and then rapped again once more As the grumbling aged keeper cursed the hour of the dawn The pilgrim reeled and clutched the air And then fell upon the ground The cursing of the landlord cut the silent summer hour What a drunken shameless vagabond, a scoundrel and a coward Many times before he’d seen them as he sent them on their way So befitting of his selfish mind he left him where he lay For the time so soon ensuing as a chill stung through the night And the humble man began to stir but struggle as he might All his efforts were to no avail, his failure was his doom He slumped upon a withered weed, and died beneath the moon
Lacey “We loved in the summertime, we loved in the fall Winter, spring we’re loving one another most of all” Told her Dad and Mom as she left the farm, “Please take care of my dog He ain’t much good, did the best I could, think I gave him all of my love” Just fifteen in the city, her prospects scared her to death She hit the streets playin trick or treat ‘till she damn near ran out of breath Lacey come back soon, love your Mom and your Dad Your dog’s gone Lacey, he took all the love that you had She met some kid sort of wild and crazy, told her that he bust out of jail They made their lovin’ sort of long and lazy, she learned about heaven and hell Took about a year ‘fore the law got near, he said they’d never take him alive They started to run, the kid used his gun, left a deputy lyin’ behind They ran all night ‘till dark set in, found an abandoned shack for the night But the posse come about a hundred strong, they were in for a helluva fight Lacey come back soon, love your Mom and your Dad Your dog’s gone Lacey, he took all the love that you had You never should have got runnin’ You know you always could have come home So come back Lacey, you never should have left us alone Heard the sheriff shout “Kid if you both come out we might even take you alive” The kid said “Nich, nich, you’re a son of a bitch” but he was bleeding heavily in the side Lacey cried as her man lay dyin’, got a wound that may not mend She screamed out loud to the angry crowd, “Come and get us if you can” They still won’t say what happened, rumours are still goin’ ‘round The guns let go like a thunder roar and the shack came tumblin’ down Make way for the sinners Lord The lady didn’t mean you no harm Send her back on a better track She should have stayed home on the farm
Some Pitter Patter Morning Softly, oh softly at a tattered window pane As majestic clouds came rolling in With whispers calling, rain And hints of rainbow blades of grass Did shiver from the cold In the silence of a pitter patter morning So gently did an old man rise from slumber of the eve And weary bones gave quiet groans In efforts to believe That today still followed yesterday Tomorrow yet to come With another silent pitter patter morning Then massive hands did stretch and yawn and life began to flow With passing dreams of finer years At rest, now grown old But life did not retreat his tale His legend still to fall On some other silent pitter patter morning So why would but a poet young with years so full ahead Take moments yearned by those who lost And find some words to wed Upon a scribbled flake of parchment Of a man about to die On another silent pitter patter morning So many men have come and gone like shadows in the night Remembered but by chosen few In tears of soft delight But what could men be searching for As born to life and fear They die some silent pitter patter morning
Sadness Sadness rides as destiny along the trails of my brain Sadness is sorrow, sadness is pain My mind wanders slowly but my thoughts they all remain the same My misunderstanding, no one ‘round to blame I hurt your pride while you only hurt my shame Don’t deserve you ‘round me, don’t deserve my own name Sadness is sorrow, sadness is pain Sadness torments tender hours throughout the break and wane Sadness is sorrow, sadness is pain My journey must be ended, my highway was drowned in the rain And shadows may not linger, their shelter stands in vain Just for a moment I returned from where I came Fading as the loser as I sought for my own game Sadness is sorrow, sadness is pain Sadness rumbles slowly as a subway beaten tame Sadness is sorrow, sadness is pain The efforts ever failing, decision seeming lame The lonely fear of solitude to challenge my own game And then I saw your eyes, my body turned insane I feared of the findings to where the troubled aimed Sadness is sorrow, sadness is pain Repeat first verse.
The Little Baby Jesus, and me The wind is faintly calling around the old inn door While out back in a stable a little child is born The mother’s name is Mary, she smiles at what she sees The little baby Jesus, and me The cattle are a’lowing, a donkey softly brays Some shepherds and some wise men were silent as they prayed A star is brightly shining for everyone to see The little baby Jesus, and me For this is Christmas evening, it comes but once a year Where all are drawn together to ones they hold most dear And so alone this evening am I on bended knee With little baby Jesus, for me Each one of us a part of him, a treasure to adorn For He is the greatest gift of all men to be born And so a Happy Yuletide wherever you may be From little baby Jesus, and me
Somebody Told Me Somebody told me, might be a lie Somebody kissed you, oh my Somebody told me, that you weren’t mine no more Somebody told me, makin’ me blue That there’s some other guy who’s seein’ you Somebody told me, you weren’t mine no more A fickled feathered friend informed me Forewarned me, I’d be sorry No matter one way or the other, it’s over Now there’s another, you’ve discovered You say you’ll change, don’t bother Somebody told me, think it’s a sin That you’ve been doin’ little things to him Somebody told me, you weren’t mine no more Somebody told me, ain’t that a shame That you’ve been messin’ ‘round with what’s his name Somebody told me, you weren’t mine no more
Someday I’ll Be Home If you hear raindrops falling where they never fell If you hear no one calling, no ones there to call If no one passes by then you are all alone Don’t cry, don’t be afraid for one day I’ll be home If cloudy summer days should hide the autumns eve If sunshine fails to hide the tears you shed for me I shed the same tears now I know our love is true And in tomorrows morn I’ll come back home to you You tried to tell me when I left you on that day That I might not return but please hear what I say My darling If you hear raindrops falling where they never fell If you hear no one calling, no one’s there to call If no one passes by then you are all alone Don’t cry, don’t be afraid for one day I’ll be home
Sailin’ Away Sailin’ away, sailin’ away On such a beautiful day, a beautiful day Breeze is blowin’ my way. blowin’ my way And I get carried away, carried away We’ll leave Vancouver Island to Tokyo The sampans of Taipei to Borneo Lunch in Darwin and Singapore And stay, until I go We can spin ‘round Ceylon to old Bombay And Oman borders the Arabian Sea Mozambique to Mossle Bay And stay, until I go Then we’ll turn for Lagos and Grand Bassam Pass by the Senegal and into Lisbon End up in London where I began And stay, until I go Cross to Dartmouth to Sanibel Out past the Amazon and ‘round Cape Horn Back up to Lima, dock in Tambor And stay


First album in a set of five of original music


released January 1, 2014



all rights reserved



Roland Digh British Columbia

A British writer now living on Vancouver Island. Loves writing songs in different genres and hearing them through other artists. After playing on six continents in some fifty-eight countries he is settling down to write another album.

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