The Lady Known as 'She'

by Roland Digh

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The second album in a set of five of original songs


released January 1, 2014




all rights reserved


Roland Digh British Columbia

A British writer now living on Vancouver Island. Loves writing songs in different genres and hearing them through other artists. After playing on six continents in some fifty-eight countries he is settling down to write another album.

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Track Name: That's My Story
That’s My Story

Have you seen a smiling angel
Standin’ on a mountain overlookin’ everybody
That’s the way my soul is turnin’
Each and every hour that I sit here thinking of you

That’s my story, that’s the glory
That’s the way that I feel about you
That’s my story, that’s the glory,
Why I’m never blue

Have you seen a young lad a’weepin’
As he sits and wonders why his little brother died
Maybe then you’ll know the meaning
Of the silent moments as I gaze into your eyes

Have you seen a poor man a’smilin’
Well he’s telling all the world that he’s thankful to be living
If you have then stand close beside him
‘Cause if he wasn’t happy then you might be frowni’n on him

Have you seen a young land a’growing
It’s casting out the terrors that are trying to keep it down
Can’t you see the troubles it’s holding
Why don’t we stand together, try and help it where it’s bound
Track Name: For All The Alien Children
For All The Alien Children

For all the alien children, children of the world
That come to live in Canada
Let me gaze upon you, every boy and girl
Gather ‘round me hand in hand
Now I look around and see the faces
I feel your colours move and need to say to you
The beauty that you bring is what we are made of
Though it’s not our native land it always will be home

And all the alien children, teach us your wisdom
Help us learn to understand you
Share your religions, what you believe in
Just who you are when you’re pretending
Tell us all your stories your myths and your fables
Your greatest villains and your favorite heroes
And don’t forget your friends, the laughter they gave you
Bring along those children’s songs, the games, the dolls you knew

For all the alien children, can’t you see
You are here to carry on
This is your tomorrow, your history
Both you and Canada are still so young
We all have one God for whom we will die
The future’s waiting now but you must realize
Your memories and dreams are of an alien child
Treasure these and all you are if we are to survive
Track Name: The Lady Known as 'She'
The Lady Known as ‘She’

The eve was dim and overcast, a drizzle cooled the air
Warm but for the winter breeze, two lovers blocked the stairs
Then from a window with a curtain moving, no one missed a beat
I ducked into a tavern while the night’s eyes
I left them to their street

Just inside the doorway I adjusted to the light
While the drone of patrons lonely for a fire that won’t ignite
All the stools were God knows filthy, all the butts had left their tell
I slipped behind the bar, my shift was due
Fine anecdotes I sell

Something seemed unusual, a disturbance in the force
Both the waitresses were edgy, I thought, lousy tips of course
But back towards the far end of the room a hovering occurred
Like flies upon a honey jar they swarmed
They spoke, but no one heard

Scent of a blossom from an oriental folk tale
Hypnotic in heat, she amused
Entrancing, alluring, in all her regalia
But who does she really dream to be
This memory of a lady known as ‘She’

Some vixen had the weaker stallions stirring up her nest
While their boasts were almost blabbering each louder than the rest
The boys then parted briefly, found I couldn’t help but stare
She turned, the green eyes dancing as they smiled
The unfair auburn hair

The night was almost busy; they had come to drown their pain
While the neon sign outside the glass was dripping wet with rain
Two hookers and a crooked cop were fighting over crack
When Gentle John, our bouncer intervened
They won’t be coming back

Things picked up ‘round midnight, just once she crossed the floor
Most likely to the ladies room, I was busy pouring fuel
To keep the hopeful hungry though they all were played as fools
She came back dancing teasingly about
The floor was in her shoes

Scent of a blossom from an oriental folk tale
Hypnotic in heat, she amused
Entrancing, alluring, in all her regalia
But who does she really dream to be
This memory of a lady known as ‘She’

You still could smell the cheap cigars, near everyone was gone
They’d taken home their camouflage of whisky, wine and song
And when she asked me if I had a date, I said I wouldn’t pay
She laughed, pushed me her glass, “Top off the rocks,
Two fingers Dubonnet”

Four A.M. was closing time, just two of us were left
I tallied all the IOU’s, the tips, the slips and cash
And when the lights were dimmed, the doors secure,
the night was almost gone
I locked the safe securely, armed alarm
My working day was done

The rain was almost finished as we hurried to the street
Papa Lizon’s Pizzaria was still open for a treat
With my place just a block away, no one would be around
Three flights, and down the hall, inside the door,
Alone without a sound

Scent of a blossom from an oriental folk tale
Hypnotic in heat, she amused
Entrancing, alluring, in all her regalia
But who does she really dream to be
This memory of a lady known as ‘She’

The next hour was a mystery, memories sooth me still
Reborn as molten lava slowly rolling down a hill
I heard a scream and then a silence fell, not one I could ignore
I’d never been so satisfied, so used
And then she wanted more

We talked until the sun awoke, a shower on downstairs
Both fell asleep exhausted maybe seven hours we shared
And after ham and cheese and coffee it was time for her to leave
I asked her if she’d like to come again,
She simply said, “We’ll see”

Sometimes in a winter’s rain, a flash of auburn hair
But alas, she never did return, nor did she ever care
I wonder who she might be stalking, who can help her mask her pain
Dazzled, tantalizing, all alone
And I never asked her name

Scent of a blossom from an oriental folk tale
Hypnotic in heat, she amused
Entrancing, alluring, in all her regalia
But who does she really dream to be
This memory of a lady known as ‘She’
Track Name: Linda's Name
Linda’s Name

You think there’s still a chance that you might see me
If I should pay a call outside your door
It seems you can’t forgive me girl, I wouldn’t really blame you
If you told me not to see you any more

The evening fell around us as a snowfall
Soft skins and firesides in flame
Then we lay as lovers and I swore there was no other
Then I had to go and call out Linda’s name

Sandra don’t be distant, don’t be lonely
I really tried to love you just the same
A brief misunderstanding
While caught up in the passion
And I had to go and call out Linda’s name

I tried to let you know just how it happened
The ecstasy you showed me was to blame
I wish I could convince you girl that I am really sorry
That I had to go and call out Linda’s name

The memories were almost long forgotten
It seems I never left behind the pain
Maybe if I’d know you first there would have been no other
And I never would have called out Linda’s name
Track Name: Harbour Lady
Harbour Lady

You look out ‘cross the Lady at the harbour and the view
She’s misty in the cool mornin’ air
Looks just like the postcards and don’t mean to boast
But just a while ago the Olympics were here

You always will remember, how could you ever forget
Those beaches on a sunny afternoon
English Bay bikinis, those Kitsilano waters
Or the Banks by the light of the moon

Harbour Lady so lovely, you got lions above
On the mountains lookin’ down over you
Let’s take a walk along the seawall ‘round by the park
Where the whales are playin’ down at the zoo

The view from the Seabus sort of takes your breath away
Her towers as they tumble to the sky
Big sails a’flyin, those long white ocean liners
And the freighters as the tugboats pull them by

You can hop the False Creek Ferry down to Granville Island,
Maybe see a mushroom dome as big as a cloud
And we saw Halley comin’ when the Lady hit a hundred
With Expo here to welcome the world

She’s got a special glow at night when nothin’ but her lights are on
And Granville is a carnival fair
The steam clock blows at twelve and Gassy Jack is well
On his way down to Blood Alley Square

I love those Robson aromas, the way that God looks over her
In the afternoon down at the docks
And so to lovely Vancouver, that Lady of the Future
Captain George and Lord Stanley, thanks a lot!
Track Name: Wish You Were Here
Wish You Were Here

Sailed out of London when the war was done
Became an immigrating Englishman
Rode to the prairies, not too much was there
The winters got so lonely, and no one seemed to care

Rose and the Guitar Man weren’t far away
We passed by in shadows but the couldn’t stay
Martha’s the mystery, the rest I never knew
The dream is long forgotten, like to start again with you, and I

Can’t get you off my mind, think about you all the time
The pain’s more than I can bear, wish you were here

Too many memories are left behind
Halloweens and birthdays, even Valentines
We still got tomorrow; we can catch up on before
It’s springtime in the Rockies and I love you all the more

Gaze at your picture each and every day
Brings on a smile each time I see your face
Long hair a’shinin’, that twinkle in your eye
If you knew how much I love you, how I want you here beside me, and I

It’s hard to say I love you when my tongue is tied
Can’t say I don’t because you’d know I lied
I’d like to say I miss you with your innocence and lace
It’s so lonely in this hotel room and you’re so far away

So listen to Jesus if you’ve got the mind
He’s still out there talkin’ to you all the time
Poetry’s the story, and music is the plan
Such a sweet communication, now I hope you understand why I

Track Name: Selvington Grove
Selvington Grove

Deep in the forest of Selvington Grove
Where a lad in his journey did chance in his rove
On a handsome young maiden lay bathing so fair
He was struck by the glory of beauty so rare

Feared of how to approach her he coughed in his hand
Then the maid did awake, she turned from him and ran
And she screamed loud and shrill to express her alarm
He cried, “Tender young maiden, I bring you no harm”

She was frightened but still she believed of his words
As she hid in the bushes of Selvington Grove
And she watched as he came and her fear left her mind
For his stature seemed honest, his face it was kind

As he reached her he said in a voice which was clear
“Was it something I did which would cause you such fear?”
She said, “ No, no kind sir, I knew not it was you
I feared only a villain whose thoughts would be cruel”

Then he stretched out his hand and she offered him hers
And they walked hand in hand never saying a word
Then they lay side by side near the place she had bathed
Deep in Selvington Grove ‘neath the sun’s golden rays

Aloud were his thoughts as he kissed her sweet breath
Tender maiden my love has no shelter or rest
And I beg you forgive me for now I must go
May we meet here tomorrow in Selvington Grove

When she went in the morning he had not come by
And she waited long hours ‘till day was to die
Then she wept in her sorrow of how she’d been wronged
By the handsome young rover who happened along

Then she took of a tree limb so long and so sharp
And she plunged it so deep to her broken young heart
And e’er as she died she could see a young man
With a stature so honest, a face which was kind

With her last words she told him she feared he had fled
And he told her he’d gone to prepare for their wed
And she died as she kissed him with all of her love
Near the place of her bathing in Selvington Grove
Track Name: Just A Man
Just a Man

Now many years before my time and I suppose yours too
There lived a man that few men saw and fewer ever knew
His stature in the physical was not one meant for all
But what he didn’t have in brawn he had in heart and soul

He was educated dearly by his poor beloved maw
He was one of many children who had never seen his paw
In boyhood days he toiled hard in fields of wasted lands
Before he’d reached his teenage years he’d grown to be a man

And then the hurting sorrow hours when by his mother’s side
He prayed to God Almighty for a shining light to guide
And in the dying moments as his loved one passed away
He dedicated all his years to help all people pray

He was just a man
A child of God like any other man
He was just a man, but what a man

He became a small town preacher known only to a few
But his prayers and words of kindness
were the ones that pulled them through
For he loved that dedication and he preached with yearning plea
For to take the road to heaven down upon the bended knee

With his little book of wisdom and his heart of solid gold
He would preach his favorite sermon and the message always sold
It was one about a giant and a little shepherd boy
And the way they fought the battle, one an axe and one a toy

And the axe it had much muscle while the toy had only love
And the fight was one of principle ‘tween the axe and up above
And still it rings out clearly how he summarized his words
“Think it over congregation, take the cross or fight the sword”

He was just a man
A child of God like any other man
He was just a man, but what a man

And he traveled over many lands and many waters too
Spreading word about a guiding light for folks like me and you
And his memory still lingers for good things don’t pass away
He was just a small town preacher
who helped others find the way

He was just a man
A child of God like any other man
He was just a man, but what a man
Track Name: The Poet
The Poet

In a corner all alone a lonely poet writes a song
his words are flustered, spelling’s wrong
he has not been a poet long
but while he ponders, trying strong
a cavalcade of rhyme along
a theme of beauty once undone
by a scriptures abstract minded tale

In pity of his solitude
where in a mist of soft perfume
surviving in his darkened room
from glaring of a windowed moon
he’s starving while his visions loom
a hastened word, a pretty tune
his song has ended far too soon
a crumpled poem wasted out of fear

Again he’ll try to show his wrath
while struggling on some bloody path
where once before he tumbled past
but in the race he finished last
and when he stopped he heard the crash
obscenities were shouted to his ear

But still he tried it once again
just proving that he was not sane
he could not quite control his brain
he thought it wise, he knew it lame
he plundered onward just the same
and flopping like a whooping crane
this song you hear is what’s to blame
before you frown I have a moral too

I am not him, he was some other man
I tried to tell him but he would not understand
That to conquer fame you must be crazy too
Track Name: Reflections

It seems spring don’t come ‘til autumn on the prairies
It’s June and the birch trees still are bare
It’s not hard to remember
Those cold winds of September blowin’ there

Folks don’t seem to mind they keep on smilin’
With hearts so warm they never feel the cold
From first thing in the mornin’
They’re workin’ in those rollin’ fields of gold

And we sing about those cowboys on the range
And the farmers’ life that never seems to change
No matter what we do some things just can’t be improved
So close to God, so very close to you

Skies stretch on forever on the prairies
Breezes from the foothills cool my brow
Back here in Alberta
With some family and a girl I’ve come to know

You know it’s not too hard to wonder where we’re goin’
It’s more important how we play the scene
We got to give back all we’ve borrowed
When that final curtain’s lowered on our dreams

Track Name: Philosophical Daydream
Philosophical Daydream

Well I rode into a town about four oh five a.m.
Upon a hippie donkey who was cluckin’ like a hen
Who was flyin’ like a penguin which means he didn’t fly at all
So I took him to the stable where he laid down in a stall
But I’d forgotten I was supposed to disembark from his back
So I fell into the tack room where I landed on a tack

After screaming seven hours I began to ease my mind
But I still could not sit down yet ‘fore I had a sore behind
So I began to walk out to the street to see what I could see
When a pole made out of telephones began to hit my knees
So I began politely to curse that telephone pole
When my donkey came out of the barn
and pushed me through a door

I was gettin’ pretty flustered by this time you’ll understand
So I stumbled through a doorway and I bumped into a man
Who must have weighed a million tons if he had weighed a pound
So I ran out to the telephone pole and we had another round
Then the sun began to rise I knew that soon it would be day
I saw my fingernails were dusty and my teeth were turning gray

So I went lookin’ for a shoeshine boy who gave out tradin’ stamps
When I stumbled through some bushes
and I found a Girl Guide camp
Where the little girls in blue were shoutin’ “We’ve got puberty,
Ban the bomb but not the pill and ban the belts of chastity”
Now on hearing’ that I found I was encouraged to impose
And before I could contain myself I found I had arose

Into the open right before their eyes, they gave a cry of glee
And then twenty thousand Girlie Guides came runnin’ after me
At the time I did not feel inclined to leave the scene
So I threw my clothes onto the shore and jumped into a stream
And the girls they did the same just as fast as they could
And they all tried to save me just like every Girl Guide should

Well they pulled me to the shore and they began to rub my back
And my legs and my stomach and my, no, can’t talk about that
‘Twas becoming most enjoyable, my eyes were closed in bliss
And then I found out that my face had just connected with a fist
Belongin’ to the Girl Guide leader who stood about six feet four
And I ran to find my pants or should I say to find my drawers

Well it really doesn’t matter ‘cause you know what I mean
It’s not proper not to have them on not even if you’re clean
That is especially in a Girl Guide camp in the middle of the day
And more important when their six foot four
leader comes your way
Then a couple of the girls who sympathized with my condition
Told me to stay with them while they hid me in the bushes

When everything was calming down and I was left alone
With the two little Girlie Guides who were so far from home
I was tempted strong to ask them what today was all about
But I hadn’t much time and I knew I’d better get out
Of these bushes before the monsters tried to eat me alive
So I went back to the stable where I had my donkey tied

So we rode into the sunset just like Audie Murphy
I kept wonderin’ about my fingernails, they still looked dirty
And I know I’m not too certain
‘bout the things the girl guides said
But all that I’m sure of is it started in a bed
And it started with a hen that laid an egg one day
‘Cause a rooster laid the hen, and that’s all I’ve got to say