Wisdom and Wine

by Roland Digh

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Many Lovely People Many lovely people came close by my door today I wished that I had try to say a kindly word To help them on their way But I was much too busy Thinking about myself and what I might do I hope that no one ever seems to be like that to you I learned through all my younger years That we should love our fellow man No matter who they are or where they came from We should say, won’t you come again But once their backs are tuned away I’ve learned a different view I hope that no one ever seems to be like that to you No matter what we’ve seen or what’s been done We try to tell ourselves we do no wrong That everyone is free we all belong And now I know I cannot understand why Some men will leave a friend alone to cry Why can’t we live the way we say we are
Wisdom and Wine My love is a woman, but only a child She is a vision, a soft swirling smile A petal of poverty, a queen from a throne She is wisdom, she is wine She is sorrow, she is mine Her eyes are a picture, a dance of the dawn She moves as a poem, an angelic wand Her tears fall as stardust caressing her smile She is wisdom, she is wine She is sorrow, she is mine My love’s understanding, a haven of warm She makes love divinely, desire reborn And e’er as she trembles all my heart is afire She is wisdom, she is wine She is sorrow, she is mine
The Tambor Song Some of them won’t make it, no, no, some of them can’t take it It’s a long way from that pink chiffon to a homegrown baked on café bronze Some of them’ll cry “Oh, oh, I got a little too much rojo” In Tambor Bay that first day in the sun Comin’ in on the evening bus, they were makin’ such a helluva fuss Herman even turned the water on, the first time in over a week Then the town folk gave up theirs, so the new folks could sit in the chairs “Hey, ocho cerbeza, muy pronto, if you please” They ordered waffles in the morning, got a cute little grin from Tony They got the Rice and Beans and the coffee much too strong Then they all ran down to the sand, said, “I’m gonna get as much sun as I can. I’m gonna bake my body if it takes me all day long” They spent the best part of the tardes lyin’ flat out on their carcass Dreams of juicy steaks and ice cream in their heads They were dyin’ from the heat, when along came the time to eat “You want the Rice and Beans or the Beans and Rice instead?” Goin’ out on the mornin’ bus two days later in a helluva muss They were sunstroked bad all glowin’ like the light of the moon You could smell all kinds of cream, and a bit of those Rice and Beans You gotta take your time when you tan in our lagoon
(free) 02:32
Dead Horizon Hypnotic rays of losing sun entrance the findings of the man enclosed beyond the thought to run and hide in timid failures Before the steps retraced from fear succumb to stares from lecherous ears advancing, holding wooden spears and then retreating deadly For ripples on a deep lagoon reflect the sounding of the moon the sun in stumble to its’ tomb of a dead horizon With no one there to pacify defame, cremate or crucify with birth and death to liquefy in non-existent faith And doors unopened, windows closed the rights, the wrongs retreat their flow far underneath the breast of coal in bins of losing tonnage In humorously laughing clouds who spit their jokes among the crowds who spit back curses long and loud and declare a challenge open And mystic cups still over flown with beer and wine and caustic soda long before the junkie shows that he holds all the answers
Love It’s strange the way the waters drift and for the moon they wane It’s strange the way the land recedes and of the sun the same It’s strange the way the treetops bare when winter time comes ‘round It’s strange and so are many things, so strange when love is found It’s funny when you see the light you never saw before And funnier to wait for dark indulging to the core And funny still to watch the lands at how they live and die It’s funny, so are many things when love is at your side It’s new and strange and funny but it’s there and undenied It’s new, it never seems to age, for a love cannot subside It’s new, but not rejected; it’s a feeling, not a sound It’s new, but so are many things when one has love around.
Ballad of Justice In a warm summers eve on the ninth day of June In the torrid year of fifty nine A young girl was assaulted and a young girl was killed Her torn and broken body left behind Who killed Lynne Harper the town of Clinton cried Find us a man that we can send away to die It’s so horrid for a twelve year old to have to die this way Somebody surely has to pay A young boy who was with her on the night that she was slain Was arrested on the day that she was found Fourteen years old, Steven Truscott was his name And he became the victim of a town You killed Lynne Harper you took her for a ride You might say you are innocent but we say that you’re lyin’ For at Lawsons Bush you stopped & then you raped her on the ground That’s where the girl you killed was found On the sixteenth of September after three months in a cell They impaneled a jury of twelve men The Judges name was Furgeson, a man of learned years And in Goodrich the beginning of the end For without a confession or a bloodstain on his clothes Eyewitnesses of fingerprints or something he had torn There was no direct evidence, just circumstantial say But they found the youngster guilty anyway For seven long years minds forgot about the crime Until Isabel Le Bourdais wrote a book And once again the doubts were raised, the public asking why Maybe we should take another look A review was finally granted and the public had to smile They’d made up their minds he wasn’t guilty after all The Supreme Court of Canada, the highest in the land Took Steven Truscott’s life into their hands And for three long months they would hear it once again All the evidence that showed the years before And the doubts were still raised and the country was amazed This was one case we all were fighting for But still no one proved of his innocence or guilt Some thought he should stay in jail & others thought he wouldn’t But the law says to prove beyond a reasonable doubt When will they let the young man out For even of the judges they could not make up their minds Although eight of them had held that he should stay But one judge descended; there are thousand more behind While that boy is in a prison cell today And what of the laws of this great land of ours If they can’t prove him guilty why is he behind the bars And why is Steven Truscott made to suffer out the pain When the system of our justice is to blame
Valley of Recall The light before the waning hours flickers, never glows Amidst the reaching mountain tops and trickling streams below It’s my recollection hideaway my valley of recall The setting where I reminisce my days of rise and fall And in the deepness of the mist which settles in the field A self-hypnotic feeling, a command to which I yield It presents the greatest questions that a man can ever find It asks the wheres and whys of life, and thoughts of former times Love has no shelter can’t you see The evening air comforts me And throughout nature’s stillest hours where sound is seldom heard I contemplate on why I’m here, what purpose I’m to serve For I feel it is my duty to contribute what I can For only when I find myself can I be called a man
Old Trains Old trains are dyin’, more planes are flyin’ Crash into a billion little pieces on the ground Some demonstration for some tiny nation Sorry ‘bout the kids mom, we’re just tryin’ out a bomb Bright BMW, red light it just went through Ran down some old lady as she’s walkin’ ‘cross the street Hand on the cellular, line direct to a lawyer “Fax me out a bill John, got to grab a bite to eat” Sons & daughters, moms and fathers, read the evening news All the gab in the tabs, “Honey turn back the page” Grandpa was my hero when I was just a kid And bobby sox were sexy, ducktails all the rage We’re all a bunch of thieves stealing blessing on our knees We pray to go to heaven but we’d rather go to Hell If you were God, you’d damn the bunch of us Even saints are sinners now as far as I can tell Sons & daughters, moms and fathers, read the evening news All the gab in the tabs, “Honey turn back the page” Grandma was my hero when I was just a kid And bobby sox were sexy, ducktails all the rage I wanna say, give a reminder Earthquakes and mean typhoons walk the gangplank two by two Lookin’ ‘round for Noah as they slide into the sea Dungeons and dragon bits, fat man hollers, “P--- on it. Someone’s got to go and so it might as well be me”
The Glow of Dawn We see the blackness of the night We see the light of the day We never miss the grey of dusk That majestic sinking ray But who of you throughout this land Would dare to call me wrong When I declare that the greatest is The brilliant glow of dawn For with this glow the daylight comes A bright and shining morn A day that should have been here by now Except that sadists scorn For there are those among us now Who live the nights so dark They’re marching now with their voices strong Just to see that daylight come They’ve seen the dusk but not the day They’ve seen the dark too long And all the time you can hear them pray To see that glow of dawn The rights of them and the rights of us For we are equal men And so until we live as one I’ll lend a helping hand For hands like yours and mine my friend Can help to right this wrong We’ll have to stand and fight as one No matter how hard or long And so I’ll stand and I hope with you Together we’ll be strong Horizon bound we will turn our eyes And see that glow of dawn
You Are To Me You are to me like the morning sun The dewdrops twinklin’ You are to me when the day is done My inspiration You’re all that I ever needed All I want to know, remember You are to me like I’m to you You’re sweet as a newborn flower Soft as a summer breeze Fresh as an evening shower Strong as the love of Jesus I think of the times we’ve shared That no one else will know, remember You are to me like I’m to you You hold me, sometimes take my breath away I squeeze you harder Your love is more than I can ever say We’ve only just got started I know it’s hard to understand That I can love the way you do, but darlin’ You are to me like I’m to you
Come Unto Me Come unto me my children, those of universal soul With a common dad and mother and sis and brother too With the seek of common knowledge and the hopes of all in find Come unto me my children so that we’ll not fall behind Come unto me my cousins let us live and die as one Let each drink from the bottle and we’ll play and share our fun We can cry upon our shoulders and condone each others fears Come unto me my cousins together laugh and share our tears Come unto me my neighbor join our family today There are never set conditions and we have no dues to pay For we live by loving all of you and survive by all your love Come unto me my neighbor and as one we’ll rise above Come unto me my enemies so that we can part our hate Let us sit and break our bread loaf, let us sing and celebrate For I find to be of hating we must be of loving to Come unto me my enemy, here, I give my hand to you Come unto me my yet to meet so that we can be as friends Let our love for one another be a package that we send To the ones who do not know us let us try to welcome all Come unto me my yet to meet and as one we’ll rise and fall Come unto me you everyone and share my happiness Disregard your silly worries, give your mind a well earned rest For it’s now that we should free ourselves it is now we start to live Come unto me you everyone come and share the love I have


The fourth album in a set of five of original music


released January 1, 2014



all rights reserved



Roland Digh British Columbia

A British writer now living on Vancouver Island. Loves writing songs in different genres and hearing them through other artists. After playing on six continents in some fifty-eight countries he is settling down to write another album.

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